The need for critical reading


Image source (Entrepreneur)

Does critical reading help in becoming a better journalist? Felix Salmon shares his opinion on a blog post he wrote six years ago titled Teaching Journalists to read. Felix deliberated over how journalistic operations – newspapers, magazines, websites and schools should focus more on reading in contrast to writing.

“Journalism is becoming more conversational” says Felix. He is stating that these days blogs are fading away, as conversations on blogs are not interesting anymore. These have moved to social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and many other recognized websites. No one will want to join a blog to be part of a conversation. Why would they, now that everyone can become a writer themselves, as Felix said “Everybody is a publisher now”.

Felix supports the idea of new journalism being put out to the world and is against the old-fashioned way. “What if you don’t need to fly to Chicago to talk to that guy about that thing, because he is already put up a detailed explanation of what he thinks online?” Felix commented. News is right under our finger tips today, it is easy to access no matter where a person is in the world. The information also reaches a large number of audiences as opposed to it being on newspaper. Speaking of investigative journalism, the writer had to be on top of the news on that particular day and also sound interesting to catch the attention of readers, but studies have shown that the number of readers were relatively small.

“Reading is to writing as listening is to talking” says Felix, he is more interested in what people read rather than what they write. It is boring if you only do one thing and forget the other. He talks about himself as an example when hiring new people and says the first thing he will do is search them on Twitter and go through their profiles to see if they are interesting.

To conclude, in order for you to become popular online you need original content. Summing up information in one place and linking does not do the job. Critical reading is crucial in making you a better writer and Felix definitely agrees.


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