Too busy to ‘live’!


Illustrations by Kim Dong-kyu
Based on: Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich (1818).

Andrew Sullivan, a conservative pioneer blogger wrote an article titled“Why I blog” in 2008.“Unlike any single piece of print journalism,[the blog’s] borders are extremely porous and its truth inherently transitory” says Sullivan, meaning that everything is censored. Readers question whether the information is factual or statements overlapping. Bloggers can update information on their blogs whenever they can, where as traditional writes need to wait for accurate information to come through.

He also adds that “In long journeys, memories always blur and facts disperse. A log provided as accurate an account as could be gleaned in real time”. Yes, this does imply that logs were fact-based reports. It tells you about what happened. Although, many write from imagination or made up stories about Chronicles of the Indies, Sea creatures, Sirens, mermaids and so on. Another quote taken from the piece, reads “We bloggers have scant opportunity to collect our thoughts, to wait until events have settled and a clear pattern emerges”. What he means by this is the need for value of immediacy. To collect thoughts and present them the right way instead of having the pressure of being always first, which leads to wrong information being set out.

Sullivan mentions a few people in his article, including Montaigne. He invented a new form of writing. Reflected on many things and thought them through.

In Sullivan’s essay, “I Used to Be a Human Being” (2016) which was written eight years later, had a dramatic approach towards journalism. Getting distracted from all around you and not enjoying the moment. As Sullivan kept away from the web he started noticing things he didn’t before. In the last eight years, social media boomed, as well as mobile phones and the use of applications. We get so worked up about who’s going to ‘like’ our photos or who’s going to ‘comment’. There is no need for this ‘extra’ stress. The reason why we take photos and share them with other people is because we feel lonely. We have information thrown at us to the extent that we can’t process it all. There is too much information and our way of thinking becomes damaged. The digital world has taken over, instead of people enjoying what’s in front of them, they are too busy looking down at their screens.


Media Consumption

nielsen-q1-audience-hed-2016Image source (Getty Images)

Media Diet -to simply put it in words, is the information an individual takes in from interacting with new forms of media, such as reading books, magazines, watching television or listening to radio.

I would say that I fairly spend half of my day consuming media, I don’t know the precise number of hours but it goes as follows. It’s 8am, my alarm rings, I pretend I don’t hear it as it gets louder and I wake up hesitant on whether to hit the snooze button and sleep for 10 more minutes. Eventually, I sit up, stretch, and look around my room confused and feeling heavy of the day ahead. The second thing I do after stretching is check my phone. In the morning I spend around 15 minutes in bed going through applications such as Hash, Flipboard and StumbleUpon. These are my three favourites at the moment. A great way to learn new things and get your news for the day. With Flipboard for instance, it does not only cover news from The Wall Street journal and New York times but also differs in having categories that relate to technology, art, life style, Yoga and many more.

As the day passes, I generally just use Twitter and Snapchat. On lazy mornings I wouldn’t need to check my three favourite applications mentioned above. Just follow the hashtags on Twitter and you’ll get all the information you need. There’s also a feature on there called “moments” where it brings you all the news, entertainment and sports in one place. On the other hand, Snapchat does things differently when it comes to ‘living the moment’, it actually shows you live footage from around the world. In a very creative way, Snapchat also explores news from every corner of the world in video form -it’s like turning your phone into a mini TV screen. ‘Discover’ on Snapchat shares news from different platforms such as Buzzfeed, Mail Online, The Sun and National Geographic – which is my favorite!

A lot of what I read and go through is considered journalism, however, many of it is repetitive. But each application has it’s own way of presenting news and entertainment. It all depends on what type of media you’re interested in. For example, my housekeeper enjoys reading the newspaper in the morning and listening to the radio in the afternoon. On the other hand, I would rather check Snapchat or Twitter instead. Technology has become an integral part of our lives and come to think about it, I have never read a newspaper in my life to begin with. It was only magazines for me, till mobile phones developed and I became interested in learning about the things that are happening around the world. I downloaded a few applications and got hooked! I do need to make time for reading books however, as reading fictional stories is a hobby of mine. You need to read things other than news, too much of it can damage your way of thinking -but that’s for another post!

Why I follow people on Twitter


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Twitter is a place to share what’s happening around the world. A social media outlet that enables people to share ideas and information within 140-character sentences called “tweets” – you can also add links to longer writings if you’d like. But, the main purpose with Twitter is to not share too much information and get straight to the point.

I will share with you five people I follow and why. Before I list those five people, I’d like to add that you would want to follow people who actively tweet messages, if they’re not very active then you’ll probably get nothing out of following them. Also, keep in mind the content they post should be relevant to what you’re interested in. Furthermore, check what their follower count is and see if the people who follow them are of quality.

Let me start off with @Bob Franklin, a writer and editor of digital journalism. He teaches at Cardiff University located in Wales. I’m simply interested in the way he writes, his tweets makes me chuckle at times and what he posts is rather intriguing. My second favorite is @Chris_arnade, merely because he’s into photography and oh my! do I love photography! He also writes, which is a bonus! I’ve always liked the combination of a picture with a story behind it. Chris got his PhD in physics from John Hopkins University in 1992. In 2012 he left his work as a trader on Wall Street to pursue his dreams in photography (The Guardian). His main focus is poverty and addiction in the US. Here’s a great article he wrote about Pride and Poverty in America. Thirdly, we have @SalihSarikaya, Salih is an author of two books, speaker and digital sociologist. He studied in Istanbul -which is a beautiful country to visit in April!, his current work place is 360° Focus Digital, a company that provides Digital Media Marketing solutions to their clients (Linkedin). Salih also speaks a number of languages, which I find to be very fascinating. These languages include German, Kurdish and Arabic. Our fourth person is not really a person, but a company that deals with global news and information concerning politics and policy. POLITICO is based in Washington, D.C. What first caught my eye, wasn’t their red bright icon, but their bio that read “Nobody knows politics like POLITICO.” It’s so simple yet so complex. For someone who knows nothing about politics, when I first set eyes on their bio I straight away thought to myself that this twitter account will make it easier for me to finally understand politics. And lastly, the person who makes me laugh non-stop is Travon Free, a stand up comedian and writer for Any Given Wednesday. His twitter account is hilarious and his Instagram is even funnier. His posts are not only of comedy related content, but also of issues that matter, for example, the Black Lives Matter movement and the national debate.

I would recommend that you check those people out, maybe one of them will trigger your interest. They are all different in a way and maybe one of them will change your perspective on things.