Media Monitoring 3 – End of the week


Picture: Frederick Paxton/Vice News

November 9, 2016

The leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has secretly disclosed his fear of getting killed in Mosul and has chosen his right hand man when he dies. An unknown source has said that the terror group’s media outlet has been spreading the ‘unprecedented’ decision. The true identity of the leader will be kept hidden in order to avoid revolts within ISIS.

As Iraqi troops have taken back most of the city, the announcement of having a new leader is kept tightly under wraps.

In a city near Mosul, there has been sightings of flames and smoke rising from the ground. This occurred due to the burning of oil facility in the town of Qayyarah. The oil wells were set on fire by ISIS extremists as the military of Iraq attacked to regain their town.

Many have complained of respiratory problems and others, even though they were freed from ISIS are now living with low power, water supply contaminated with oil which comes periodically and a harsh cloud of smoke over their heads.

The Dailymail has portrayed this story using bullet points at the beginning, focusing on the main points. They have also used photos and added a video at the end of the post. It ends it’s article with information about the leader of Islamic State which includes two headshots of him.

BBC has a very short update on the story on this day but includes a video as well.

The story is still being updated day by day. This is a war zone, it’s not something to cover in a day or two. Iraqi troops are trying endlessly to recover their homes and lands that were forcefully taken from them by ISIS. This cannot be done easily. On the bright side however, the troops have managed gain territory according  to analysis by IHS Conflict Monitor and ISIS fighters have been loosing.



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