Mr Khan


Citizen Khan is a funny TV show that follows Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his family. The show first aired in August 27, 2012. Created by Adil Ray, the actor who also portrays Mr Khan in the British sitcom has gotten a rating of 6 out of 10 on IMDb. Produced by the BBC and airs on BBC1, the show is set in Sparkhill, East Birmingham and is now in its fifth season.

The show was generally funny, made me laugh here and there. The sitcom was not as offensive as the review has made it seem. The Telegraph titled their review about the show as being ‘embarrassing’ and added that it was “grimly retrograde.” However, the Dailymail finds it hilarious and not racist in any way. Saira Khan, a writer for the Dailymail shared her views saying “At last, I thought, a home-grown sitcom that allowed British Muslims to laugh at themselves. Good on the BBC for finally realising the comic potential in one of the biggest communities that make up modern Britain. Of course, it’s a shame it took the Beeb 40 years, but it got there eventually.

The show has gotten a lot of criticism from Muslim viewers and Twitter is blowing up with religious resentment.


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