Professional Development Plan


I have always wanted to write for a well known magazine. And the thought of living in New York and getting a good job there always followed that desire. The view from an apartment building in NY will be the ultimate inspiration for writing. With that thought also – fashion was added to the mix. It was like a dream. Now I can see it building up into reality. Slowly and steadily. I am making my way to where I want to be. I have a passion for photography, so this might work well for what I have in mind. My magazine of choice is Vogue. Fashion journalism sounds fun and exciting but I know for sure that it needs more than just good taste and sugared words to make it to the top. My other interest is technology. Anything new with technology I am up for knowing the details and understanding them thoroughly. This includes new smart phones, home interior or exterior decor, speakers, lights and home accessories. But not cars. I have never been fond of cars.

Why Vogue Magazine? Well, first and upmost Vogue is known internationally for it’s exquisite fashion related and lifestyle publication. Vogue magazine is published in 23 different national and regional editions. The photography is beautiful and jaw-dropping. The interviews with celebrities can get very funny to steaming hot with anger over relationship problems and paparazzi issues. You find the latest fashion trends and backstage photos of any fashion event. Though this might sound hectic I would think of working with Vogue to be rather enjoyable. I would love to meet different celebrities and models. I want to know how they deal with all the fame and what they do on their free time – if they have any. I want to know how models got discovered. Yes, I can search it up online but I would rather hear the story from them. It has a different thrill coming from them personally.

I have fallen in love with the writings of a young girl who lives in a small village near the hills of rural Britain. Rosalind Jana, a student and part time journalist. Rosalind has already written for Vogue, Broadly, The Coven, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian and The Debrief. She is such an inspiration! She has her own blog and you can follow her on twitter too. I want, or at least aspire to accomplish most of what Rosalind has done. Reading her blog gives me motivation on making mine (this blog) a better place for my future writings. There are so many things I have learned by going through her blog, that I seem to ignore before. I might not need them but I sure will benefit off of them. I have learned that there are many books out there about fashion and fashion history. Of course I have known this before but I have not paid close attention to why they were needed. There are movies about fashion designers and their lives. I took notes on what I would like to watch. And will start reading more into fashion history. Think about it this way, if you follow a trend or like a certain bag you need to know the story behind the inspiration of the design. You also need to know about the designer. How they work, when and where they get their ideas from. Biography movies are interesting to watch. Going back to Rosalind, here’s an example of her work: An article she wrote for Buzzfeed about having scoliosis. And another one for Broadly which was beautifully written about women, mental health and female voices, can be found here.

Working in an office all day seems like a boring idea of how you want to spend the rest of your life doing what you love. I prefer going out into the world and exploring, learning more about what I need to do and improve my skills. Engaging with people seems like a terrifying idea for someone who is not social and prefers the quiet life. But this will not stop me. The work I love involves mingling with people and my first step is to try to become more social with the people around me.  I need to learn to engage more in conversation and use the right words to do so. With friends, informal speech is allowed – but meeting an editor of a well known magazine? I think I would be speechless. Which will be embarrassing and will not work for my career. Confidence is key. People will like you more with a smile upon your face. Even when you’re tired, smile. Show them that you love your work. Sometimes you have to speak your mind, be courageous.

The idea of designing a layout for a magazine seems enjoyable for me. There are many ways to do so, countless designs and picture arrangements. I wonder how many I can come up with in a day. Pictures complete a written story. Pictures flow well with beautifully written words. I have read many articles online about people photographing homeless individuals, and writing about their life story. I have always wanted to do that. What is stopping me is that I am scared of talking to them. Maybe they will refuse to talk to me because of my hijab. But, I don’t know that. I am unsure until I try. I am going to do it one day and I will be proud.

One thing is for sure, I need to start my work experience. There are many companies out there who offer part-time writing jobs or internships. I should give it a try. I need to give it a try if I want to succeed. Experience is the best way to know what happens in a magazine or back stage at a fashion show. I need to make the topics of what interest me clear and my passion for writing needs to shine in my CV. Network is important. Especially in the fashion industry, having the right contacts will make you known throughout retailers and other famous well-known designers.

Looking back at my media diet, most of the applications I use do not contain fashion news. Politics and international news was the main focus. Some of the applications had an entertainment section but I did not pay any attention to that. I have also previously written a post on five people to follow on Twitter. You can find that post here.

Media to consume:

  1. Samantha Maria – London based fashion and lifestyle blogger. I love her sense of fashion and photography work. She also has a Youtube channel, she shares her life through vlogs and she recently just had a lovely baby girl!
  2. Grace F Victory – Born in Buckinghamshire, Grace left home to pursue a career blogging and documentary making for BBC3. She likes to discuss social issues such as sex, mental health and self love. These topics interest me and I hope to learn from her experience. Please check out her latest post here! It’s similar to what I am doing now.
  3. Women’s Wear Daily – Women’s Wear Daily brings you breaking news about the fashion industry, designers, celebrity trend setters, and extensive coverage of fashion week.
  4. StyleLikeU – A Youtube channel about self love and acceptance. The videos are beautiful and cannot put into words. I relate to most of what is posted on their channel. It’s heart breaking but also soothing at that same time. To know that there are other people out there going through what you have experienced is calming, in a way.
  5. Buzzfeed – Their website is rather messy, but it’s interesting to see how they present news and entertainment. The categories on the website are rather funny and makes the reader want to click them in order to see where they lead.
  6. Vox – A news site that simply explains news. Includes politics, pop culture, science, world affairs and many other topics. Very fun to look at and learn from.
  7. Fusion – The content on the site is comedic, promotes young and diverse original reporting. I admire the way they write their articles. And the site has many categories to choose from. So there is no excuse for not visiting it and taking a look at some of the content.
  8. Refinery29 – Brings you fashion, entertainment, style and wellness! Beautifully designed website. Talks mostly about beauty and fashion which I am into. The photos they post are very admirable.They also mix in a little bit of news on there so it’s not all boring.
  9. Glamour Magazine – Has the latest celebrity gossip, fashion trends and hair and beauty tips! They actually have a post on 100 Sexiest Men in 2017! Wow. They also have a Youtube channel with heartwarming and funny videos like this one.
  10. Vogue – Vogue places fashion in the context of culture and the world we live in. I love how there’s a section for maternity, children, new mothers etc. This adds such a beautiful and unique touch to those who love fashion but are struggling as new mothers.
  11. Allure – Experts in makeup, beauty and fashion of course! Mostly about beauty products and what works for your skin. Allure has a special feature through subscription, you get a beauty box every month with deluxe-sized products and samples handpicked by their editors!
  12. The Scene – Original beautifully made videos of fashion, food, culture and comedy. Talks about stories that shape our culture and move our emotions.
  13. Stuff – Stuff is “where you can find tech news that’s wry but not dry, the world’s most trusted gadget tests and exclusive previews of the latest phones, computers, wearables, tablets, games, apps, TVs, hi-fi, headphones, cameras, consoles, and media players, as well as insights into the technology that’s changing your future.” (Taken from website)
  14. T3 – A website that talks about general tech, wearables, cameras, gaming, tablets and fitness tech. Beautifully designed website and easy to navigate. As I said earlier, I am very interested in tech and this website is where I am most of the time. T3 also includes reviews, buyer’s guides and features.
  15. WIRED – Also, a very well known magazine and website. Future science, culture and technology all in one place. I enjoy reading their magazines every once in a while.

Option choices for year 2 and 3:

  • Specialist Journalism 1 – Multimedia Storytelling and Production, Journalism, Politics and the Media.
  • Dissertation – 8000 word, subject of choice.
  • Specialist Journalism 2 –  Arts and Entertainment Journalism, Technology and Video Games Journalism, Data (and Investigative Journalism).

Work Placements

  • Styled Social Media: Events Social Media Marketing Assistant Work Placement. Contact:
  • YOU Magazine: Paid fashion team internship. Journalism & Editorial sector. Contact:
  • Dazed Media: Fashion internship. Journalism & Editorial sector. Contact: – through Twitter or Facebook

After all this I would say that I want to be a storyteller. Being a newshound sounds interesting too, but it is too much for me as I don’t like gossip. I will try to work harder and achieve more later on.


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