Brunch is a blend of breakfast and lunch usually eaten in the late mornings. An option for lazy people who prefer to set their alarms a little later than usual. This trend was originally founded in England in the 1800’s and later became popular in the United Sates. They are prepared by restaurants and hotels for special occasions.

The reason behind this warm hearty meal is very simple – to make up for the breakfast you missed when lunch time is a few hours away. But, today people use this trend as a going-out idea with family and friends. Others go for brunch for business meetings and mostly women would go there to show-off the new bag they just bought from a highly known brand.

Brunch comes in many ways, you can make it at home to relax and unwind, go to a hotel where they serve a lavish buffet with endless choices or just go to a restaurant which offers many different options. You can never go wrong with brunch.

London has many café’s and restaurants to choose from. Eggs Benedict is a must when going out for brunch. Pancakes are a wonderful idea as well and you can have a bowl of salad if you don’t want those extra calories.


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