Online abuse can and will ruin your life


Cyber-bullying, an already persistent issue, is escalating. It is beyond awful and difficult to handle. Online harassment often leads to different devastating consequences, such as suicide or depression issues that last a lifetime. Cyber bullying involves harassing someone consistently and repeatedly by passing hostile, judgmental, horrid and sometimes even threatening messages on the victim’s social media activities. The most vulnerable part of our society that could be targeted are teenagers and young adults. Moreover, even celebrities have not been untouched by these horrific experiences.

Here are 7 celebrities who have fallen prey to cyberbullying:

1. Adele: After giving birth she received many congratulations, but even more death threats and insults. Vanessa Bieber tweeted “just murder it already lol”.                                                     adele

2. Cheryl Cole: She received hate comments criticising her hair, looks and make-up and her weight.


3. Charlotte Dawson: Lost the fight against cyber-bullies and committed suicide.                     charlotte

4. Caroline Flack: Used to date Harry Styles when he was 17. She experienced constant harassment from Harry’s fans online, one went ahead with sending her a threatening picture of herself holding a knife. This led her to report the incident to the authorities.

caroline flack

5. Anna-Gunn: Has faced some serious cyber bullying for her portrayal of Skylar White in the series, Breaking Bad. Attacks ranged from name-calling to hateful comments about her income and weight.


6. Melanie Griffith: Faced a lot of Twitter abuse because of her looks, many think she looks old and ugly. She preserved her beauty despite her being almost 60. Luckily, no one cares if you disagree.


7. Lorde: Was targeted in racist comments on Twitter. She opened up about this in an interview for the Rolling Stones magazine and admitted that it did affect her as she is only human.


It takes a lot of courage to fight against malicious comments and constant criticisms and many believe they do not have. Your whole life is ahead of you and you should live it to the fullest (no matter how cliché this sounds).


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