Time travel and regrets

Wouldn’t you want to go back and say a certain something to a certain someone? Missing that one chance of expressing a feeling, or cancelling plans with people who meant the world to you, will eat you up slowly. People call this ‘regret’, but it’s actually more than that.

If you want to know what I regret the most, listen below. I also gave the Natural History Museum a visit to see what people there had to say.

(Music credit)

Independent Survey.

In 2011 a large, national survey was conducted on Americans across all age groups that looked at this matter. The paper was called Regrets of the Typical American published by Roese and Morrison in Social Psychological and Personality Science. [ link ]
The main finding, outlined by Vaughan Bell on the Mind Tips and Hacks blog: [ link ]


Please remove the what if’s and the could have been’s, they only make things worse. You can make things better, and you will.

Happify, a website made purely to help people build skills for happiness using science-based activities and games, constructed an infographic that shows common regrets, as well as tips for reducing and moving past them.



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