Foreigner’s impact on local communities


Foreigners are everywhere these days. Some come as tourists and others stay for a while. By coming to your country, they bring a little of their ways with them. And you ask yourself if what they are doing is right due to what you believe in. So the question is: “Do foreigners influence local communities?”

Some might agree and some might not, it all depends on how they were raised. In Qatar, for example, some families are very strict on how their children grow up to be. From day one they plan the child’s future. The parents also choose one of their relatives to be their future life partner. This is also known as ‘arranged marriage’. Hearing such stories makes one feel sorry for them. However, many other families do not pay any attention to their children. This leads teenagers to think that they are old enough to do what pleases them and that they can handle anything that comes their way. Teenagers get these influences from what they see around them and from social media platforms. This is where the foreigner’s impact comes in.

A few days ago I interviewed a lovely housewife, Angel Carvalho. She is a mother of two and is currently working to make money for her daughter’s wedding. I asked her “how did foreigners effect your country?” which is India. She replied straight away with a smile on her face: “Business people from all over the world had brought wealth to this country.” Indians are known to be the best at information technology. She added that foreign students visit India to study and learn about its culture and old history. India was ruled by Britain back then. “I have seen foreign students run around with their notebooks all over the place” Carvalho said. They explore ancient buildings and write about what was once there and how it ended up being like this today. It was interesting to know that foreigners, so many of them come to learn about the country’s traditional dances, arts and how Indians use herbs as medicine. The native word for that is “Ayurveda.” Making medicine and learning natural massage techniques and yoga is the main reason why many foreigners visit this country. Let’s not forget about India’s beautiful nature which fills the heart with awe. “There are many lakes, rivers, mountains and greenery that will make you feel as if you are in heaven” she said. Carvalho did not mention anything about how foreigners effect the local community. She said that Indians stick to their culture, traditions and beliefs. Carvalho ended the interview by saying “anyone who follows people such as these is not considered as family.”

Some may say it is the parents’ fault but I say otherwise. If a child wants to do something, nothing can get in their way. They make and plan their own lives as they grow. I know from self-experience.


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