Radio – the good, the bad and the surprise!


Whoa! I never thought I’d enjoy Audio classes as much as I did this one.

As I missed the first lesson on Audio, I was quite terrified. I just couldn’t wake up that Tuesday morning! And I knew that’s when they introduce us to the subject, equipment and programmes we were going to use for the assessments. I was like a lost puppy. But at the end, I figured things out – thanks to my colleagues.

How I felt about it?


It was something quite enjoyable and new to me. I learned that Radio is not only about ‘talking’ behind a mic, or ‘just reading’ something of a paper and it’s definitely not something easy. Reading the news, keeping up with it and evaluating what other journalists wrote was something I really took pleasure in.

The good?


One Tuesday, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even bother showing up to class. I forced myself because of my attendance. To my surprise, it was the day where we were put into groups and had to talk about six news stories. In my head I was thinking “no way – this is not happening…” We, however, did not get to choose our own groups, they were chosen for us by our professor. Thankfully, I knew two of the students who were with me – and the other two were a joy to work with, honestly. Even though we never shared a conversation, it was easy, unchallenging (which was another surprise to me) and we managed to finish our news bulletin without any problems. I have gotten many compliments on my voice since I started Audio. People said it was calming to listen to – that put a smile on my face. Many people are not fond of listening to their own voice, and I for one would cringe. For our final assessment, we had to do a feature. I was literally freaking out when I read the slides. I thought I would not come up with good ideas, or I’d be lacking in the creativity department. But, my idea just came to me while I was laying in bed, really. From there I thought of how I could make it interesting and just came up with this speculation that if I go with something that intrigued me I’m sure I’ll be able to grab the listeners attention. From that, I added my personal experience to give it more meaning.

The bad?

giphy-214The class was such a delight, I only faced two challenges. My pronunciation of some words and Adobe Audition. As I mentioned earlier, I did not attend the first Audio lesson, and I’m pretty sure that’s when they taught the class the basics of how to use the program. When I first launched the application, I was so lost. I did not have a single clue of what to do. I asked my friends for help and later got the hang of it. I managed to edit two of my audio’s alone. To me, that was an accomplishment! I very much enjoyed this class, nonetheless, I need to work on my speech. How to add emphasis on certain words and make them more dramatic when needed. Also, talk a little louder. I have tried many times but failed as if this is the maximum my voice can go. But I do get many people saying that they find my voice relaxing, so I guess that’s one advantage to it.


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