By Duha Ali

We know that exercising can be exhausting at times, but let us all be clear – it is essential. For the body to look good and in shape you need to get up from that comfy couch that you’ve been sitting on all day.

Being consistent is difficult when you constantly have distractions from family and work. Your body can easily lose its shape without you even realizing it.

One first and simple step you can do is to stay away from processed foods. Write down what you eat and keep track of calories. You will slowly find your body transforming into the shape you always dreamed of.

Why are women’s nutritional needs different from men’s?

Men and women both hit puberty, but when this happens, females develop a distinctive nutritional requirement. As women grow, their bodies tend to go through physical and hormonal changes.

The demand for vitamins and minerals is higher mainly because women are going through menstruation, childbirth, and menopause. That means they are also at risk of anemia, weak bones, and osteoporosis.

Have a look at the chart below to know the most important nutrients required for women:


Overall, stay positive. A region of the brain associated with a cheerful attitude produces greater amounts of flu antibodies. Keeping your immune system clean from bacteria and viruses will help the body take in all the nutrients and stay healthy.


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