Radio – the good, the bad and the surprise!


Whoa! I never thought I’d enjoy Audio classes as much as I did this one.

As I missed the first lesson on Audio, I was quite terrified. I just couldn’t wake up that Tuesday morning! And I knew that’s when they introduce us to the subject, equipment and programmes we were going to use for the assessments. I was like a lost puppy. But at the end, I figured things out – thanks to my colleagues.

How I felt about it?


It was something quite enjoyable and new to me. I learned that Radio is not only about ‘talking’ behind a mic, or ‘just reading’ something of a paper and it’s definitely not something easy. Reading the news, keeping up with it and evaluating what other journalists wrote was something I really took pleasure in.

The good?


One Tuesday, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even bother showing up to class. I forced myself because of my attendance. To my surprise, it was the day where we were put into groups and had to talk about six news stories. In my head I was thinking “no way – this is not happening…” We, however, did not get to choose our own groups, they were chosen for us by our professor. Thankfully, I knew two of the students who were with me – and the other two were a joy to work with, honestly. Even though we never shared a conversation, it was easy, unchallenging (which was another surprise to me) and we managed to finish our news bulletin without any problems. I have gotten many compliments on my voice since I started Audio. People said it was calming to listen to – that put a smile on my face. Many people are not fond of listening to their own voice, and I for one would cringe. For our final assessment, we had to do a feature. I was literally freaking out when I read the slides. I thought I would not come up with good ideas, or I’d be lacking in the creativity department. But, my idea just came to me while I was laying in bed, really. From there I thought of how I could make it interesting and just came up with this speculation that if I go with something that intrigued me I’m sure I’ll be able to grab the listeners attention. From that, I added my personal experience to give it more meaning.

The bad?

giphy-214The class was such a delight, I only faced two challenges. My pronunciation of some words and Adobe Audition. As I mentioned earlier, I did not attend the first Audio lesson, and I’m pretty sure that’s when they taught the class the basics of how to use the program. When I first launched the application, I was so lost. I did not have a single clue of what to do. I asked my friends for help and later got the hang of it. I managed to edit two of my audio’s alone. To me, that was an accomplishment! I very much enjoyed this class, nonetheless, I need to work on my speech. How to add emphasis on certain words and make them more dramatic when needed. Also, talk a little louder. I have tried many times but failed as if this is the maximum my voice can go. But I do get many people saying that they find my voice relaxing, so I guess that’s one advantage to it.


Dragged like a rag doll!

Newspaper Review on the 11th of April 2017.

Video footage of a man being hauled off a plane have grasped the attention of many. The newspapers today have shed their opinion regarding this matter.


This horrifying incident received hate from all over social media, especially Twitter.

Children were heard crying in distress as the three officers manhandled the man out of his seat. He later returned to the flight in a traumatised manner, chanting “I need to go home” repeatedly.

Here are additional links to the story from different news platforms: BBC, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent, The Guardian and Metro.

Time travel and regrets

Wouldn’t you want to go back and say a certain something to a certain someone? Missing that one chance of expressing a feeling, or cancelling plans with people who meant the world to you, will eat you up slowly. People call this ‘regret’, but it’s actually more than that.

If you want to know what I regret the most, listen below. I also gave the Natural History Museum a visit to see what people there had to say.

(Music credit)

Independent Survey.

In 2011 a large, national survey was conducted on Americans across all age groups that looked at this matter. The paper was called Regrets of the Typical American published by Roese and Morrison in Social Psychological and Personality Science. [ link ]
The main finding, outlined by Vaughan Bell on the Mind Tips and Hacks blog: [ link ]


Please remove the what if’s and the could have been’s, they only make things worse. You can make things better, and you will.

Happify, a website made purely to help people build skills for happiness using science-based activities and games, constructed an infographic that shows common regrets, as well as tips for reducing and moving past them.


Bulletin West

Top stories from Tuesday 28th March:

White supremacist charged with an act of terrorism:


The landmark case decided yesterday has seen white supremacist, James Harrison Jackson, charged with murder as an act of terrorism after fatally stabbing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman. Jackson had planned a killing spree based on race in one of the most diverse multicultural cities, New York, to “make a statement.”

Jared Kushner is set to testify in the Trump-Russia investigation:


Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has agreed to testify before the Senate committee that is investigating the case of Russian interference in the latest US election.

The Independent have shared a video where Donald Trump admits Vladimir Putin is a killer but says he respects him.

Worldwide ban on nuclear weapons thought to be unrealistic:


US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has said a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons is not “realistic.” 40 countries, including the US, Britain and France, have refused to join in on talks about the issue.

Human waste found in Coca-Cola cans:

Police have undergone an investigation due to reports of human waste being found in Coca-Cola cans that were delivered to their factory in Northern Ireland.

The new £1 coin has security features:


Material inside the coin allows it to be electronically scanned by payment and coin-counting machines. It also includes micro-sized lettering inside both rims and a hologram-like image as additional security measures.

Two girls wearing leggings were barred from boarding a United Airlines flight:


United Airlines have defended a gate agent who stopped two young girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings.

Online abuse can and will ruin your life


Cyber-bullying, an already persistent issue, is escalating. It is beyond awful and difficult to handle. Online harassment often leads to different devastating consequences, such as suicide or depression issues that last a lifetime. Cyber bullying involves harassing someone consistently and repeatedly by passing hostile, judgmental, horrid and sometimes even threatening messages on the victim’s social media activities. The most vulnerable part of our society that could be targeted are teenagers and young adults. Moreover, even celebrities have not been untouched by these horrific experiences.

Here are 7 celebrities who have fallen prey to cyberbullying:

1. Adele: After giving birth she received many congratulations, but even more death threats and insults. Vanessa Bieber tweeted “just murder it already lol”.                                                     adele

2. Cheryl Cole: She received hate comments criticising her hair, looks and make-up and her weight.


3. Charlotte Dawson: Lost the fight against cyber-bullies and committed suicide.                     charlotte

4. Caroline Flack: Used to date Harry Styles when he was 17. She experienced constant harassment from Harry’s fans online, one went ahead with sending her a threatening picture of herself holding a knife. This led her to report the incident to the authorities.

caroline flack

5. Anna-Gunn: Has faced some serious cyber bullying for her portrayal of Skylar White in the series, Breaking Bad. Attacks ranged from name-calling to hateful comments about her income and weight.


6. Melanie Griffith: Faced a lot of Twitter abuse because of her looks, many think she looks old and ugly. She preserved her beauty despite her being almost 60. Luckily, no one cares if you disagree.


7. Lorde: Was targeted in racist comments on Twitter. She opened up about this in an interview for the Rolling Stones magazine and admitted that it did affect her as she is only human.


It takes a lot of courage to fight against malicious comments and constant criticisms and many believe they do not have. Your whole life is ahead of you and you should live it to the fullest (no matter how cliché this sounds).

Malaysia bans Disney film due to ‘gay moment’


The release of Disney’s latest film Beauty and the Beast has been delayed indefinitely in Malaysia due to it featuring a “gay scene”.

Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, film censorship board chairman, commented that he was unaware of the postponing of the film. The film had been approved by the board apart from a minor gay scene, however Malaysia is not supportive of it.

“We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie,” Abdul Halim said.

Disney refused to cut the scene, instead deciding to not release the film in Malaysia at the current time.

The controversy stemmed from the film featuring a character called LeFou, who according to director Bill Condon “is confused about his sexuality.” Condon has described a brief scene as a “gay moment.”

We talked to students at the University of Westminster and gathered their thoughts and opinions of this controversial topic.

Why has society turned the word ‘fat’ into a synonym for ‘ugly’?


(Image source)

“We compare ourselves to the images we see”

Fat just means fat. Nothing less, nothing more. What society and the media portrays as being ‘beautiful’ is not reality. Research suggests that media advertising negatively impacts a female body image. Why are girls/women unsatisfied with their appearance? Society pressures woman to follow a certain beauty standard. Well, I say that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and in all shades of color. Watch this video to know how one girl changed her life just to be accepted by the people around her.