Spring in London


Photographer: Lamya Alfaify | Model: Duha Ali

I have always wanted to take a picture like this.

But then again I have wanted, for the longest time, to experience spring in Japan (mostly in cities like Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka) but have encountered the beautiful season here, in London.

The picturesque cherry blossom trees attract young photographers or any passer-by, similarly to the way it attracts bees. However, they are not easy to find. I had to walk for an hour in Hyde Park to find one. My love for cherry blossom trees is eternal. I succeeded in finding more than one, surprisingly. White and pink cherry blossom trees were all around the park if you know where to look. They are scattered in different places and only the lucky ones get to picture them. As the flowers tend to fall pretty quickly. In full bloom, the trees are simply hard to miss. If you are not a fan of Hyde Park, Holland Park is the best option for you. The park has beautiful forest like views, colourful plants and shrubs, neatly chopped wood on the ground, which I am sure is for decorative purposes only and peacocks. Yes, you read that right. And no, you are not allowed to feed them.

“Contained within the park is the beautiful Kyoto Garden; a Japanese garden donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991.”  The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The parks are filled with people. Some would have a picnic with family and friends, others would ride their bikes. Older people will be sitting on benches, reading or otherwise staring at the lake in front of them. You will see more of the active groups – doing what they love; skating, running or yoga. Others just simply like to have a walk and enjoy the warm breeze. Like my friend and I. We tried jogging just for the fun of it and oh boy! that was embarrassingly awful! We had to stop every half a minute! We were so bad at it.

I would normally get a cup of coffee and a chocolate brownie and walk with my friend till sunset. We try our best not to let time pass without us making memories. We would take lots of photos and videos. Funny or serious. We would remember every single moment spent that day. The parks of London have joined many people together, from long-lost friendships to loved ones. I would find markings on trees and benches of initials and a heart symbol and be inquisitive about their story. How many have passed by and left a mark on wooden canvases just to be remembered? It triggers curiosity and makes myself and people wonder.